Outcall Massage

Asian Outcall massageOutcall Massage What is Outcall Asian massage in Las Vegas? How is it different from incall?  How do I choose?  It’s actually very simple, but they are quite different services.  Here’s a helpful little summary. At its most basic, outcall massage means the masseuse is coming to you.  Incall massage means you go to the masseuse’s location.  But that’s not all.  The services offered could be quite different also.

Travel or stay at your hotel?

Let’s break it down.  Do you have a car?  Do you want to drive?  Where do you go if you don’t like the location you drove to?  Is it a safe part of town?  It would seem that going to the spa is probably more appropriate for a local or someone that know their way around.  For example, when you call for a masseuse to come to your hotel you’ll see it takes about the same amount of time as if you had driven.  Your hotel room is a lot safer than where many massage parlors are located.  Your masseuse feels safer too, as most will only go to a hotel.  Better yet, you are not paying extra for their travel to you.  So having the masseuse come to you makes a lot of sense.

Freedom of Choice

What about variety, or choice of masseuse?  Here, again, the vote is in favor of in your hotel room..   Do a search for outcall massage, and add in the word asian.  You will find dozens of choices.  Then you can speak to the massage girl or the office and schedule for a time and price of your choosing.  If you prefer incall you may able to get a price for the massage over the phone.  But unless you make an appointment you won’t know if anyone is available.  And you won’t be able to choose who you get.

Your Choice of Massage in Las Vegas

Lastly, it is far easier to negotiate a service over the phone before the girl gets there than to deal at the massage parlor after you’ve driven there.  For instance, for incall there may be restraints on what they can do, as the need the rooms.  In the privacy of your hotel room you have much more flexibility.  And best, you can tell the masseuse on the phone what type of massage you want and how much time you’d like.  Every way you look at it, it makes sense to choose an outcall asian massage while in Las Vegas.


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