massage with happy ending, Massage with Happy Ending

Massage with Happy Ending

Happy Ending and Massage

A massage with  happy ending is what guys joke about.  But when getting a massage with a sexy Asian woman it’s no longer a joke.  It’s something they actively ask for!There are many girls that will come to your hotel, and many passage parlors that will openly offer a happy ending.  That sure solves the question of, “will she or won’t she.”  Just ask, you know you won’t be turned down.  When you see ads or websites with the offer, the biggest problem is which sexy girl to choose.  It’s almost like being a kid in a candy store again.It is a little tougher if their ad or website does not offer it.  There are many places and women that offer only massage.  Therefore, the only way to know is to ask.  There are some ways to get a hint.  For example, if the girl comes to your hotel it’s pretty much a sure thing.  This is your best bet for getting what you want in a convenient location. If the spa is open 14 or more hours on a day you will likely score.It is worth mentioning again that sex for money is illegal in most places.  Be aware that Las Vegas is one of them.  So note that when you pay the expected fee or the tip it is for the massage or the girl’s time only.  So any “extras” are between the two of you, and skirt the issue.  And a happy ending is sure worth the tip!Just remember that many people are coming to Vegas for what they can’t get in their city, like gambling and sex.  And Las Vegas has a history of giving people what they want.  So when you’re here, come and enjoy your massage with happy ending and anything else you do.

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