Asian Massage Tips

Asian massage tips

For many guys some Asian massage tips should be helpful.  Until you’ve had a few outcall massages with an Asian girl you may not know what to say, expect, or pay.  Of course this can lead to some issues.  Here I’ll review some of the basics as I know it.  I’m not one of the girls, so I can’t say all they think, but in future posts I’ll see if I can interview some and be more specific.  Maybe make your next visit a little more pleasant.Asian massage tips, Asian Massage TipsFirst, let’s be clear about the service.  Massage is legal.  Sex is legal between consenting adults.  Your masseuse will charge for her time with you.  I think. (Please do a search or check with your lawyer on this, this is opinion, not legal advice)  Let’s put this together.  If you just want a therapeutic massage, no problem.  If you want anything else of a sexual nature, like a happy ending, you will need to ask the girl.  Do not expect her to ask you, although she might.  This is where you are definitely paying for her time, as opposed to a service.  The tip here is for you to ask for what you want and find out about getting it or what the time will cost.

Tips on Tips

Many men have difficulty figuring out how much to tip unless the girls specifies it.  A number of girls offer intro rates for the massage of $100-200.  Realize that that may cover referral fees, company commissions, gas, parking – yes, many Vegas hotelscharge for parking now! – so the tip is really what they are earning.  I remember hearing about a fellow that texted if a $20 tip was sufficient for a $100 massage.  He did not get a girl to come to him.With that in mind, be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars if you want a happy ending.  It may be more or less depending on the girl, but it’s a ball park number.  Multi hour appointments are obviously way higher and need to be negotiated in advance.  Not all girls are equally mindful of your time or finances, it’s good you landed at this website.  So there are your Asian massage tips, and I hope you take advantage of it to have a wonderful time.

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