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Asian massage girl FAQ’s

  • How to get an erotic asian massage by an Asian massage girl? How do I get her to come to my room?  Give us a call!  That works best.  Texts will work also.  For best results it helps to say what kind of massage you want, your hotel and room number.
  • How long in advance do I need to call? Often you can have a girl at your hotel within about a half hour.  You may also schedule further in advance, then follow up shortly before.
  • What if no one answers the phone? Someone will check back with you.  Understand that there are busy times when no one is available or the girls are done for the night.  Otherwise you should get a call or text back soon.
  • Why am I calling you instead of a massage parlor? Read our post on outcall massage.  You will see that when it comes to convenience, cost, privacy and choice, we are the better choice for an asian massage girl.
  • What’s so special about your girls? A lot!  Start with a pretty Asian girl.  Add patience, someone who won’t run out in 10 minutes.  Mix in sexy and sensual.  Then add caring that you have a great experience.  There are reasons we get a lot of repeat business.
  • How is an Asian massage in Las Vegas different from what I can get at home? Well, can you get a sexy Asian girl to come to your home?  Is one available even if you get a hotel?  In Las Vegas this is not a problem.  As long as you are staying in a hotel we have no trouble sending a sexy girl to your room.
  • How much does an asian massage girl cost? As you can see on our front page, the basic rate is just $100 plus a tip.  The size of the tip can vary greatly.  If all you want is a straight massage then a 50% tip is the minimum, as the girl does not keep most of the fee.  If you add other services such as a shower, a happy ending or whatever else you and the girl agree on, then of course the tip will rise accordingly.  Your generosity will be repaid.
  • Now what? Call your asian massage girl now, while you have the itch.  We will lovingly scratch it for you.  Call 702-664-9112 now!

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asian girl for happy ending

Massage with Happy Ending

Happy Ending and Massage

A massage with  happy ending is what guys joke about.  But when getting a massage with a sexy Asian woman it’s no longer a joke.  It’s something they actively ask for!

There are many girls that will come to your hotel, and many passage parlors that will openly offer a happy ending.  That sure solves the question of, “will she or won’t she.”  Just ask, you know you won’t be turned down.  When you see ads or websites with the offer, the biggest problem is which sexy girl to choose.  It’s almost like being a kid in a candy store again.

It is a little tougher if their ad or website does not offer it.  There are many places and women that offer only massage.  Therefore, the only way to know is to ask.  There are some ways to get a hint.  For example, if the girl comes to your hotel it’s pretty much a sure thing.  This is your best bet for getting what you want in a convenient location. If the spa is open 14 or more hours on a day you will likely score.

It is worth mentioning again that sex for money is illegal in most places.  Be aware that Las Vegas is one of them.  So note that when you pay the expected fee or the tip it is for the massage or the girl’s time only.  So any “extras” are between the two of you, and skirt the issue.  And a happy ending is sure worth the tip!

Just remember that many people are coming to Vegas for what they can’t get in their city, like gambling and sex.  And Las Vegas has a history of giving people what they want.  So when you’re here, come and enjoy your massage with happy ending and anything else you do.

Massage Outcall Now  

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Asian Massage in Las Vegas

Tammy, asian massage girl in Las Vegas

If you are getting an Asian massage in Las Vegas, congratulations!  Odds are it will be quite different from what you get in your home town.

Asian Massage in Las Vegas

Outcall massage & Asian massage in las vegas gives Las Vegas a nickname, sin city. Considering the number of attractions compared to other places, the name is well deserved.  What do you think of when you think of Las Vegas?  You probably think gambling, hot women and sex, although you may prefer a different order.  It’s certainly been the number one place in the country for gambling.  Sex for sale may be illegal in Las Vegas, but there is no shortage of good looking women who will be your companion for a fee.  OF course there is also no shortage of bachelor parties and weddings that occur here also.

What’s different about this asian massage?

For many visitors that are single the gambling, shows and great food are not enough.  They want to be pampered by a woman or man in a way they will not get at home.  While in Las Vegas, one way to get this is with an Asian massage.  If that’s the case, they will then have to decide if they want an incall or outcall massage, and how much time or other activities connected to it.  Incall verses outcall has been covered in another post.  Outcall is your choice, however, if you want more than a happy ending or would like the girl to spend more time with you.

Asian Massage in Las Vegas choices

Call for hotel outcall service. You can always search for an escort or massage.  These girls come in all ethnicities and skills.  The escort will skip the massage and go directly to the service you prefer.  The masseuse will have a starting point of a massage, and other services will follow.  Prices vary wildly, and there may or may not be a company fee verses an independent girl.  However, if you would like both an erotic and exotic experience then an Asian girl will be high on your list.  You should truly enjoy your Asian massage in Las Vegas.

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Outcall Massage

Asian Outcall massageOutcall Massage What is Outcall Asian massage in Las Vegas? How is it different from incall?  How do I choose?  It’s actually very simple, but they are quite different services.  Here’s a helpful little summary. At its most basic, outcall massage means the masseuse is coming to you.  Incall massage means you go to the masseuse’s location.  But that’s not all.  The services offered could be quite different also.

Travel or stay at your hotel?

Let’s break it down.  Do you have a car?  Do you want to drive?  Where do you go if you don’t like the location you drove to?  Is it a safe part of town?  It would seem that going to the spa is probably more appropriate for a local or someone that know their way around.  For example, when you call for a masseuse to come to your hotel you’ll see it takes about the same amount of time as if you had driven.  Your hotel room is a lot safer than where many massage parlors are located.  Your masseuse feels safer too, as most will only go to a hotel.  Better yet, you are not paying extra for their travel to you.  So having the masseuse come to you makes a lot of sense.

Freedom of Choice

What about variety, or choice of masseuse?  Here, again, the vote is in favor of in your hotel room..   Do a search for outcall massage, and add in the word asian.  You will find dozens of choices.  Then you can speak to the massage girl or the office and schedule for a time and price of your choosing.  If you prefer incall you may able to get a price for the massage over the phone.  But unless you make an appointment you won’t know if anyone is available.  And you won’t be able to choose who you get.

Your Choice of Massage in Las Vegas

Lastly, it is far easier to negotiate a service over the phone before the girl gets there than to deal at the massage parlor after you’ve driven there.  For instance, for incall there may be restraints on what they can do, as the need the rooms.  In the privacy of your hotel room you have much more flexibility.  And best, you can tell the masseuse on the phone what type of massage you want and how much time you’d like.  Every way you look at it, it makes sense to choose an outcall asian massage while in Las Vegas.

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Asian Outcall massage

asian massage girl for outcall to hotel roomsAsian Massage

Las Vegas Asian outcall massage  Getting an Asian massage sounds exotic, and it is, if for no other reason than the masseuse is often an exotic Asian girl.  Although anyone can learn an Asian style massage it is often an attractive Asian girl or woman that will deliver it.  The styles most often seen are Thai and Chinese style, and they are quite different, but can be mixed.

Thai Massage

In Thai style your masseuse is using her body weight to apply pressure on key areas of the muscles to get out the knots and loosen you up.  She will also use various stretches to get the kinks out.  You don’t even need to get undressed for this, although in that case loose fitting clothing is required.  However, in a many spas you will disrobe fully or at least to your underwear.  Certainly you will choose what is most comfortable for you. When you get an outcall massage in your hotel room, you get to choose.  Make sure you discuss how much pressure will be used before you start!

Chinese Massage

Most people probably think of Chinese style when they think of an Asian massage. You will disrobe, or at least to your underwear, and your masseuse will use gentle or firm strokes along the muscle to relax and loosen you up.  She will use oil to keep everything smooth and flowing.  Here too, you will want to discuss the pressure used in your massage because it can be light or what is known as deep tissue.  A light to medium massage can be quite relaxing, and you may fall asleep.  You will be quite surprised when your masseuse quietly asks you to turn over and it feels like you just started.  On the other hand, a deep tissue massage gets deeper than the surface layers of knots and adhesions.  It will be very therapeutic if you are in need.  If up for the challenge it will definitely pay dividends.

Nuru Massage

There is another style you see advertised called Nuru, also called body to body massage. Often it is labeled as Japanese style. It is done all over Asia, so we include it in the category of Asian massage  You can be sure it is becoming very popular here, too.  As the name implies, the masseuse will liberally oil the front of her body.  She will use her body instead of just her hands or elbows to do the massage.  She will do this on both sides of your body and it has a unique feel compared to any other type of massage you have had.  It is easily the most erotic massage you will ever have. You will want to carefully choose the Asian girl you want to do the massage.  But no matter who you choose, you will have a memorable experience, a true taste of the Orient.

Your Massage

What type of Asian massage will you choose?  They are all so good!  You may want to try more than one during your visit. This article has given you the basics and a quick conversation with your masseuse should help you choose.  Our exotic and erotic Asian girls will come to your hotel room, and only to hotel rooms. We offer you a completely private and effortless experience with the massage style of your choice. You choose the appointment time with no driving or cabs.  All of our girls know a variety of styles.  You can try one Asian massage style today and a different one tomorrow.  Regardless of your choice you can feel confident that our masseuse will do her utmost to leave you relaxed and very happy you called.

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