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Asian massage girl FAQ’s

  • How to get an erotic asian massage by an Asian massage girl? How do I get her to come to my room?  Give us a call!  That works best.  Texts will work also.  For best results it helps to say what kind of massage you want, your hotel and room number.
  • How long in advance do I need to call? Often you can have a girl at your hotel within about a half hour.  You may also schedule further in advance, then follow up shortly before.
  • What if no one answers the phone? Someone will check back with you.  Understand that there are busy times when no one is available or the girls are done for the night.  Otherwise you should get a call or text back soon.
  • Why am I calling you instead of a massage parlor? Read our post on outcall massage.  You will see that when it comes to convenience, cost, privacy and choice, we are the better choice for an asian massage girl.
  • What’s so special about your girls? A lot!  Start with a pretty Asian girl.  Add patience, someone who won’t run out in 10 minutes.  Mix in sexy and sensual.  Then add caring that you have a great experience.  There are reasons we get a lot of repeat business.
  • How is an Asian massage in Las Vegas different from what I can get at home? Well, can you get a sexy Asian girl to come to your home?  Is one available even if you get a hotel?  In Las Vegas this is not a problem.  As long as you are staying in a hotel we have no trouble sending a sexy girl to your room.
  • How much does an asian massage girl cost? As you can see on our front page, the basic rate is just $100 plus a tip.  The size of the tip can vary greatly.  If all you want is a straight massage then a 50% tip is the minimum, as the girl does not keep most of the fee.  If you add other services such as a shower, a happy ending or whatever else you and the girl agree on, then of course the tip will rise accordingly.  Your generosity will be repaid.
  • Now what? Call your asian massage girl now, while you have the itch.  We will lovingly scratch it for you.  Call 702-664-9112 now!

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